Hazardous Tree Assessment

Assessing the risk that a tree lends, either in general or to a nearby building, can be simple or very complicated! Gray’s Tree Services is able to provide the level of risk desired by the property owner. When completing a tree risk assessment, we visually inspect the tree from its root  area, up the trunk, to the crown, looking for defects. Defects are recorded and risk score is assigned depending on size and breadth of the defect, probability of collapse and vicinity of a target.

A recent study from the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), indicates homeowners can’t properly assess the risk of a damaged tree without the help of a professional. Over ninety people were shown pictures of trees and most inspected the tree for visible damage, rather than the safety to the surroundings.

Taking the necessary time to look at your tree’s crown, primary structural branches, trunk and root zone can help you learn a great deal about the current health and structural integrity of a tree. If you discover easily recognizable defects like dead and falling branches, holes, or recently-formed leans on a tree around your home, you should consider having the tree examined by a qualified arborist. Call Gray’s Tree Service today!